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Couture Monogram Monday // The Classic Staffordshire Pair

July 17, 2017

You’ve seen the stationery, and you’ve seen the guest towels. These are great places to begin with your custom monogram. It’s the first step in the direction of overall lifestyle branding.

How else can you bring a couture monogram to life? We are absolutely honored to share this modern and forward couture monogram that we created for our dear friend, tastemaker and pattern mixing visionary, Paige Minear.

Just like Paige and her vibrant personality, this monogram needed to speak to her style and her story. She is a lover of color and Chinoiserie, she is modern and classic all at once, and we believe what was created was stunning! With the inspiration of a classic pair of mid-century Staffordshire dogs, this became a true standout. It started the trend of really showing our clients that you can do absolutely anything with your crest.

Even more stunning is the way she has brought her home branding to the next level. Below, Paige has shared with us some of her personal photos of how she’s brought new life into her home with her couture monogram.


Follow along with her on her own blog, The Pink Clutch, and make sure you’re following her on Instagram as well! @PaigeMinear

Thank you so much, Paige, for not only being a great friend and a style icon to many, but for allowing us to highlight the way you’ve given such beautiful life to a couture monogram.

Emily McCarthy

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