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Emily McCarthy Hostess Hour – Styling with Paige Minear

July 18, 2016


Last night was our second installment of the Emily McCarthy Hostess Hour, and we invited along a close friend who many of you already know and love. Paige Minear, of The Pink Clutch, has also been featured on our Style Series – so you’ve definitely seen her. We were able to get her in to show us how she brings her style to coffee tables, book cases, and even wardrobe. She’s bold and fearless in the world of sartorial choices, we couldn’t have had a better time.


Click here to see the full video on our Facebook page!

(Fun fact: See the tulips below? They’re standing up because Paige put a penny in the bottom of the vase. If you prefer your tulips to droop over their vase, simply place them in water and they’ll droop naturally.)



Paige started with her tips on how to build a great coffee table. She included books, a vase (or glass), personal items, and a candle. (We love that the Prosecco candle happens to be her favorite.) What we’d pictured above is her transformation from a setting that she’d have all the time to a setting that’s perfect for entertaining. Definitely take a peek at the video to see what her tricks are.



Here’s an example of some of the personal items Paige likes to use on her own coffee table setup. The key is that she says “You don’t have to go out and buy personal items – you already have them!” Each item she chose already  meant something to her and was able to convey who she was and the tone of her home – without trying too hard, or spending a lot of money on things that maybe didn’t matter as much to her sense of style.


It was important for us to stay true to our own signature style during the event, by offering a fabulous array of drinks! In addition to LaMarca prosecco (which makes our heart go pitter patter) we were also pouring up Buoncristiani Rose for the festivities! Kelly, one of our shoppe girls, shows it off here. The bottle itself is a work of art, note that each rose petal is the portrait of a woman. Ohh la la! For those of you wondering, this rose is about 70% Syrah and 30% Malbec which really adds to its flavor. (Click here to get some Buoncristiani for yourselves.) We can’t recommend it highly enough and can’t wait to serve it again.



After she showed us two ways to style a coffee table, Paige took to the shelves – the book shelves. What a wonderful way to add style and personality to your home. Her biggest advice for style a book shelf? That was easy. “It MUST have books!” We had to giggle, as there really are several people out there who try to style a book shelf while using other items as the main focal point! We stand behind Paige on this one… every book shelf has the luxury to be able to show off who you are as a person, a couple, or a family just by allowing guests to read the titles you choose to display.


Once you’ve decided on the books that will show off some fun parts of your personality and life, you get to choose which items will go with them. Paige, just like Emily, adores classic blue and white ginger jars. The ones shown here are vintage and from various collections – there’s nothing like being able to give an homage to those you love the most like displaying items that once belonged to them and now hold a special place in your own heart. Something else we enjoyed that Paige mentioned was a response to a question about “What if I have a busy wallpaper behind the bookshelf?”

Paige didn’t miss a beat when she said that wallpaper becomes just an accepted part of the background for her! We love her fearlessness when it comes to conveying a signature style!



Finally, we got to the good stuff. Pattern mixing in our daily lives in the things we wear. You absolutely must watch the video to see all of her great ideas. Stripes and tortoise as a neutral? We love it! We also completely stand behind the idea behind wearing things that make you smile. You can start small, of course. Maybe begin by adding a patterned shoe and go from there. Keep in mind that stripes can become your neutral – don’t be afraid to go BOLDLY where you’ve never gone before.


FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender

Overall, the tone at the shoppe that night was beyond excitement. We chatted and mingled far past opening hours! We’re truly so grateful Paige was willing to come and spend some time with us, and we cannot wait until she comes back the next time. Fabulous friends and fabulous fashion for ourselves and our home – it just can’t get much better. We can’t wait to have her back, and we’re looking even more forward to all the fun we’ll have at the next Emily McCarthy Hostess Hour!

PaigeHostessHour-32 PaigeHostessHour-34

Until next time!

Emily McCarthy

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