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Emily’s Guide to Savannah – To Eat

June 21, 2016



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The Olde Pink House – Whether or not it seems like a cliche recommendation for Savannah, there really isn’t a better place to soak in the rich atmosphere and decadent history that this city has to offer. Each room has it’s own personality from basement to top floor. The menu ranges from simple to inspired, and it’s almost impossible to beat the signature cocktails. Your dining experience here can be customized to how you feel – if you’re looking for casual you can seat yourself in the outdoor bar, something more upscale will bring you upstairs to the grand dining room, and just a drink could have you taken to the basement bar. All we know is that you and your guests will absolutely adore the atmosphere!

The Grey –  This beautiful new kid on the block is easily a standout for Savannah. Transformed from an old Greyhound station, they’ve reinvented simple classics in a way that will have you in awe! Even the most sophisticated diners are going to rave about this place. The ambience will create a fabulous date night. The bar boasts a skillfully curated collection of spirits, and each dish served will have you raving!
-Kayak Kafe – The Kayak Kafe is the tried and the true. This is the perfect every day place to get a great lunch or dinner. If gluten free is a necessity they’ll always make sure your needs are met. Kayak Kafe always has options that not offer variety, but fresh, local ingredients done right. From a quick salad to a shrimp quesadilla… this is one of our most visited places in town! They have two locations, too. Even more to love. There’s the original Kayak Kafe right on Broughton Street and a midtown location for the work crowd. Both are incredible, and both are well priced so that you aren’t ever breaking the bank for a great meal.
-Local 11ten (The Perch) – Set right on the edge of Forsyth Park, you might want to head right up to the rooftop affectionately called “The Perch.” Fun for drinks and a charcuterie plate if you’re planning to stay at The Perch, otherwise go downstairs to enjoy traditional Southern flavors created with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Constantly being written up for their culinary masterpieces, this is another special spot for date night or an anniversary. The ambience will have you enjoying an extra glass of wine with your sweetheart just to soak in the atmosphere.
The Wyld Dock- A one of a kind view, you’ll feel like you’re seated right in the middle of the water. This is tapas style, so bring a crew and order away. This is a hidden gem, too, so you’ll be the only out-of-towner there! If you’re local, though, you can access it by the water and dock your boat. How private island, right? This is a McCarthy staple especially in the summer time. Make sure to get an order of the fish tacos and, if you’re up for it, one of the “Pain Killer” slushies. Sure to cool you down, and maybe even make you feel a little “wyld”.
Where are your favorite places to eat in Savannah? Let us know, and we’ll try it out!
Emily McCarthy

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