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October 10, 2013

I'd rather be hectic with you than perfect with anyone else. - Larcie Richardson

I think there is an assumption that marriages are perfect…on paper. And maybe they can be for some – the perfect jobs, house, pets, children, cars – the list goes on. But what makes our marriage so wonderful and perfect for us is this hectic thing we call life. For us, hectic IS perfect – because that means we are living our life and living it together. Would we want a romantic date night once a week? Sure! Does it happen? No, but what we do love is our nightly routine with our little man and our quiet dinner catching up on tv. Yep, there it is – our romantic evening! But for us, it’s so perfect – it’s what we bond over and share as common loves. To sit and share our day, toss back a glass of wine and relax in our twin recliners (oh yeah!) – that is the perfect evening. We do love our random date nights though and, to be honest, we need one soon! Life happens and we’re constantly in this rat race to conquer the world, pay the bills, be parents, be spouses and it’s hard sometimes! But in the end, it’s this hectic-ness that brings us together and makes us a good team. One of my very best friends texted me this today as we are reminded how to stay focused on our lives and marriages. This statement hit me like a ton of bricks – it’s SO true. Life has been so busy lately and I’m constantly feeling the spousal guilt of not making enough time for each other. Then my friend Larcie sent me this and I realized, this IS our time together – hectic or calm, it’s our life and I’m SO in love with it. Larcie joked that this could be the next print in The Shoppe – we just might make this happen! xo

Emily McCarthy

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