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I Scream, You Scream

July 05, 2016


Multi spot cheetah lucite tray (click) // OCIE New York Ring (in shoppe)

Let it be known far and wide that you are never too old for ice cream! We will declare it a fact, at that. One of the fun parts about getting older is being able to enjoy a cocktail, don’t you agree? Well, two of the most wonderful things have come together in our latest collaboration! A boozy ice cream social. Cheers, indeed!


Flavored vodkas can be a lot of fun, if you know what we mean! They can take a cocktail and turn it into a dessert. The best of both (naughty indulgence) worlds, right?


(Blackberry Patch Strawberry Syrup *Available at Publix + Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka + Chocolate Espresso Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery)

Cathead vodka, from the first legal distillery in Mississippi, is Southern charm to the core. Three flavors to choose from, each carefully crafted and completely legendary. We decided to see what we could do with each of the three flavors: original, honeysuckle, and pecan!


(Blackberry Patch Strawberry Syrup *Available at Publix! + Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka + Chocolate Espresso Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery) // Custom monogram martini glasses available in shoppe and here online // Monogram napkins click here!

kelliboydphotography0019 kelliboydphotography0022

(Blackberry Patch Peach syrup *Available at Publix!  + Cathead Pecan Vodka + Cinnamon Pecan Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery) // Place cards available in shoppe // Calligraphy by Ashley Curry



(Blackberry Patch Blueberry syrup *Available at Publix! + Cathead original vodka + Lemon Sugar cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery)

As usual, it’s all in the flare you add to it. The truth is, cookies and ice cream will taste great no matter what you add to them – but the styling is what will take this ice cream social to the next level.


Part of that very flare would be the sprinkles. Who knew adults could have so much fun with colored sugar? These were visually pleasing and really added to the colorful look overall!


(Large multicolor confetti available in shoppe // Sprinkles by Ceremony & Fuss)

kelliboydphotography0139 kelliboydphotography0136

(Wardrobe c/o Kate Spade)

kelliboydphotography0150 kelliboydphotography0144 kelliboydphotography0142(Popsicle coin purse c/o Kate Spade)

Monogrammed Martini GlassesAt the end of every day, having fun is the most important aspect of any special event. Emily added a little extra fun by utilizing her favorite drink of all – prosecco! Adding the Blackberry Patch syrup took it up a notch, and putting in a dollop of Halo Ice Cream was the true finishing touch!


(Monogram ice bucket available in shoppe and online here)


(Spot Cheetah swizzle stick click here// Lipstick champagne glasses in shoppe!)

kelliboydphotography0051 kelliboydphotography0056

Have you ever thrown your own adult ice cream social? Which flavors did you mix? We’d love to know so we can try them out!

Syrups: Blackberry Patch // @blackberry_patch *Available at Publix
Sprinkles: Ceremony & Fuss // @ceremonyandfuss
Glassware, napkins, styling, etc: Emily McCarthy Shoppe @emilymccarthyshoppe
Photography: Kelli Boyd // @kelliboydphotography

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