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February 15, 2015

In preparing for Lillian’s arrival the end of May, I thought I would share my inspiration board for her nursery! We will be transforming Rhett’s nursery into Lillian’s since he has moved into a larger big boy room. We will be keeping the dresser, glider and crib and incorporating a few feminine details. For Rhett, I went with giraffes as an accent (something about those tall lanky legs reminded me of me and Patrick growing up!) so why not Flamingos for Lillian. I’m going to paint a large canvas for above the crib of a Flamingo using the colors from the inspiration board. I also plan on incorporating this adorable hummingbird print since my Nana Lillian loved hummingbirds.

Lillian's Nursery Inspiration Board

For Rhett’s nursery, I created a custom pattern using R’s in a celtic knot, but for Lillian’s I have opted for a custom pattern by way of wallpaper! With the help of Cotton and Quill, we will be covering the striped accent wall seen here with Lillian’s custom pattern. Lillian’s pattern incorporates all things feminine and coastal palm beach chic!

Lillian's Custom Pattern by Emily McCarthy

I chose bedding from Serena and Lily – and the shade of pink is important in the big picture. I’ve chosen a shrimpy coral pink with punch oranges, linens and gold accents.–-shell%2Fgrapefruit/P10216.html#start=6

Also coming to the room are these details! This bamboo bookshelf in a punch orange from Guildmaster:

Mobile from Cohen’s Retreat

Gold acid-treated Cowhide from Saddlemans

Nursery Inspiration and Custom Wallpaper from Emily McCarthy

Stay tuned for the reveal over the next couple of months!


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