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My Mother’s Clothes

April 15, 2010

A few months ago, I was attending the Swan Coach House in Atlanta for a Bridesmaids Luncheon. The Swan Coach House is known for it’s girly and southern atmosphere with delicate foods, savvy shopping and unique art gallery. While the other girls were busy browsing the gift shop, I found myself wandering into the gallery to check out the latest show. To my surprise, I discovered the most unique, touching, stylish and personal show I’ve even seen. “My Mother’s Clothes” Lining the room were these huge square prints – obviously made with a medium to large format camera. Each photo displayed a personal article from the photographer’s grandmother – either a piece of clothing, a lipstick blot or her day planner. Not only were the items photographed separately in their own right, but they were strategically placed on wonderful backgrounds with texture and style. I just LOVED the effect of seeing the entire show at one time. It was just magical. I stumbled upon a sign explaining the story of the photographer. She wanted to commemorate her mother in a way that exhibited her sophistication, style, grace and personality. Her mother had since passed and this was a way to remember the small details. I just adored this show and continued to remember it for days to come…

Well….just yesterday, I was walking down Broughton Street here in Savannah, when this bright and colorful photograph in a window caught my eye. It was MUCH to my surprise and excitement to discover not only was the photographer here in Savannah, but her prints had been transformed into a book and she was visiting for a book signing. I was thrilled! I quickly went inside Paris Market and was greeted by this sweet, charming and wonderful photographer. Her name is Jeannette Montgomery Barron and get ready to hear a lot about her! Everyone MUST go out and buy this book! It’s absolutely stunning and such a pleasure to read. Kate Spade will be one of the retailers carrying this stylish piece of artwork. You can preview the book hereand buy the book here.

Enjoy – this will make a fabulous gift for Mother’s Day!

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