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Oversized Wedding Seating Charts

April 26, 2011

Keeping up with the trends is all a part of the wedding business. I’m constantly inspired by my brides – they are always coming up with new ideas and inquiring about “Can you design…”. Anything is possible! Recently, I’ve had a few brides approach me about oversized seating charts in lieu of escort cards. This concept is very green and forces guests to interact and break the ice while waiting on their bride and groom to arrive at the reception. Seating charts can be designed in any format, size and color scheme.

Leigh wanted a guest list representative of her wedding invitations by emma j design. We incorporated her wedding monogram and created a master list of guests’ names in alphabetically order. She placed the mounted seating chart in a beautiful frame and allowed her guests to find their names and table assignment.

While working with First City Events, Bonnie approached me on behalf of bride, Jessica. Her room layout was remnant of downtown Savannah and the squares. We designed a room layout/guest list table assignment combo so guests would know where to find their table. Jessica wanted the seating chart to represent the Savannah squares so we added touches like the oak trees and square dividers. 
Contact emily@emmajdesign.com to place an order.
16×24″…$275 + tax/shipping
20×30″…$300 + tax/shipping
24×36″…$325 + tax/shipping
30×45″…$350 + tax/shipping

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