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January 17, 2013

In a world of  school shootings and just plain nastiness – I am often reminded that there is still good in people. Pure goodness in their soul and it is a good feeling.

Yesterday was one of those days where I was reminded of this not once, not twice but FOUR times….all before lunchtime. WOW, GOD works in so many ways and through so many people.

It all started with a morning run to Chickfila for breakfast with my little guy and then a quick grocery store trip.

At Chickfila, I was too busy chatting on the phone with my friend to even realize that the car in front of me has just graciously paid for my breakfast. Without expecting anything in return, this complete stranger brought tears to my eyes as I was handed this note and my receipt.

Folks – it didn’t stop here. Flabbergasted, I headed to Publix for groceries thinking of ways in which I could pay it forward.

As some of you may know, grocery trips with a 1 year old can be quite interesting. I was getting organized with my list as I headed towards the meat department. A Publix employee called out ‘Ma’am, is this yours?’ I turned around to find my wedding present from Patrick lying on the ground disguised to the naked eye by the speckled floor. There sat my David Yurman bracelet for the world to take for their own and this sweet man took the time to pick it up and return to its owner. I wish I could have given that man all the money I had. I would have probably not realized it was missing until later that day, in which it would have been followed by a sickening feeling in my stomach knowing it was gone forever.  Okay, so 2 times today? God, I get the point – I need to pay it forward.

As we continued through the store in the last aisle, I see another Publix employee walking up to other moms asking if a shoe belonged to them. In his hand sat Rhett’s little Merrill shoe. I looked down to find that Rhett had kicked off his shoe by the dairy section. Sweet Jesus, what else could possible happen today. Talk about getting hit in the face with the grace of God and a big fat lesson. Beneath the appearance of these silly material objects sat a lesson of Paying it Forward.

We headed towards the parking lot and loaded in the groceries. I sat in the front seat taking a breath of exhaustion and ready to head home. This was followed by a knock on my car window by yet, ANOTHER Publix employee. In his hand sat my $15 Beef Roast which was left at the check out. Those aren’t cheap and he took the time to run it out to my car to deliver it to me. Sweet sweet man.

While I starting paying back all of these good deeds to other people, I encourage you to do the same. Pay for someone’s coffee….lunch….dinner even! You just never know what battles people are fighting or what simple acts could cheer up their day.

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