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Signature Style Series Kick Off – Paige Minear

October 15, 2015

Here at the Emily McCarthy studio we are hopelessly devoted to beautifully curated signature style. It became apparent to us that we had to share the secrets behind some of our favorite bloggers’ own classic style. To kick off our series we got to speak with Paige Minear of The Pink Clutch. We asked Paige to share some photos with us that really helped define her unique sense of style. Here’s what Paige had to say.



EMc: Why do these photos reflect your signature style? Which aspects really give us an idea of who you are?

PM: Clearly I love color and pattern and I am not afraid to use either in both my home and my clothes.  I love to be surrounded by those I love and think every outing is an adventure.  I love to travel, make memories and linger over coffee and wine.  If it has bright colors, tons of pattern and is tied with a bow, I probably made it or bought it!


EMc: How do you carry your signature style into all aspects of your life be it home decor, entertaining, or fashion?

PM: I am originally from Florida where both bold colors and bamboo were a way of life.  I grew up in a sea of pink, turquoise and all shades of green that worked every month of the year.  I am drawn to any and all things Palm Beach, even my husband who is from Palm Beach County!  My fondest memories are of my childhood sleeping in my grandmother’s pink guest room and surrounded by palm trees, citrus fruits and bright happy colors.  These are the things that bring me so much joy on a daily basis.  I truly feel like color is just a part of my soul.  Our home is full of color, with a pink dining room, a turquoise office and pink and white Meg Braff bamboo wallpaper in the bar area.   If I am feeling under the weather I pile on more color and pattern, it just lifts my spirit!  I am a girl who thinks even her iced tea is better with a slice of orange and a pink striped straw!



EMc: What is your personal definition of “signature style”?

PM: For me the definition of “signature style” is anything you are drawn to over and over again. I love that I can spot a photo on Instagram or Pinterest and know who it is before even glancing at the name.  


EMc: Give us three words to describe you. Why did you choose these three words?

PM: Fun, Loyal and Colorful.  These words describe who I strive to be every single day.  My goal is to go to bed each night with no regrets and to have a full and happy heart!  We aren’t guaranteed anything on this earth and we should live each day to the fullest.  Loving others is my most favorite thing to do!


EMc: What are three of your most prized pieces that you think fully represent your signature style? This could be a piece of furniture, jewelry, art, etc.

PM: Three prized possessions – (1) Our yellow, pink and green vintage French china cabinet in the dining room.  I paid $200 for this piece on New Years Day years ago and it won my heart at first sight!  It took me two trips to get it home in pieces after buying it and I was so excited to load it with our china and inherited silver!  (2) My antique clock in the den.  My grandparents and parents have the same clock and the sound of its chimes bring me immense peace. (3) The gallery wall up our front stairs and down the hall on the second floor.  It is filled with photos of our babies, our lives and our families.  It makes me happy each and every time I see it.


EMc:What is your best tip to encourage others to find and develop their own signature style?

PM: By what you like and make it work.  Don’t apologize for what you like and wear it with pride!  Your signature style will show itself in the things you are drawn to over and over again.  My husband is Alex P. Keaton made over Palm Beach style.  He will buy navy, khaki and gray for work and fun shorts and boxers time and time again.  It is who he is and has been the same for the last 22 years!


Isn’t she fabulous, y’all? If you want to keep up with Paige and her amazing sense of style, you can follow along on her social media.

Instagram @paigeminear
Twitter – @_thepinkclutch
Pinterest – The Pink Clutch



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