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Emily McCarthy Spotted // Travel + Leisure

March 12, 2017

Is there a more trusted name in the industry of knowing just exactly where to go and what to do there than Travel + Leisure? We’ll give you a moment to ponder that. Likely, however, you won’t even need a moment! The answer is that there’s no more trusted outlet for the modern day travelerContinue Reading
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Emily’s Guide to Savannah – To Eat

June 21, 2016

When visiting –The Olde Pink House – Whether or not it seems like a cliche recommendation for Savannah, there really isn’t a better place to soak in the rich atmosphere and decadent history that this city has to offer. Each room has it’s own personality from basement to top floor. The menu ranges from simple toContinue Reading
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Emily’s Guide to Savannah – To Stay!

June 07, 2016

      This tourist city really packs a punch, and don’t be surprised that you can find swanky accommodations that you’ll definitely be writing home about. Vacation or staycation, you owe it to yourself to become familiar with these favorite places to stay!  THE ANDAZ If for no other reason than being able toContinue Reading
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Emily’s Guide to Savannah: Where to Play

May 09, 2016

Hopefully you caught our feature in Peachy the Magazine not long ago. If you didn’t, we’ll bring our guide to Savannah right to you, dear readers! In this series we’ll let you know Emily’s favorite places to eat, to stay, to play, and shop right here in Savannah, GA. It’s no secret and no surpriseContinue Reading
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