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Couture Monogram Monday // The Classic Staffordshire Pair

July 17, 2017

You’ve seen the stationery, and you’ve seen the guest towels. These are great places to begin with your custom monogram. It’s the first step in the direction of overall lifestyle branding. How else can you bring a couture monogram to life? We are absolutely honored to share this modern and forward couture monogram that we createdContinue Reading
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Couture Monogram Monday – Bees, Wheat, and Sunflowers

July 10, 2017

There’s nothing that cannot be taken into consideration when branding your life and your home with a custom couture monogram. Today’s example is not just stunning, it is deeply personal to the person who commissioned it! It includes bees, wheat, and sunflowers – an ode to their roots and traditions. Things they share with theirContinue Reading
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Couture Monogram Monday // Bring it to Life on Linen!

June 19, 2017

Once you’ve created a stunning custom monogram with Emily, what is the next step? We say – bring it to life! Here you can see that the medium this couple chose to let their monogram shine was linen. They ordered linen dinner napkins and cocktail napkins for their home. Can you imagine how divine theseContinue Reading
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Couture Monogram Monday // Classic Whimsy Meets Modern

June 05, 2017

Have you considered commissioning a couture monogram of your own? There are so many ways you can customize this beautiful way to brand your life and your home. Here you can see our client wanted something that mixed classic whimsy with modern lines. What would you choose for your own monogram? Visit our shoppe onlineContinue Reading
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Always Be Charming // M&L xx Emily McCarthy

March 29, 2017

Don’t forget that the Easter bunny likes to hide special things for even adults! Maybe one of these charms that you can pick up a la carte in the shoppe, perhaps? There are no limits to the fun you can have when you’re creating your own special pieces with or Moon and Lola collection. CustomContinue Reading
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Accessory Pouches for Every Occasion!

March 20, 2017

Day to night. Casual to formal. Make-up or markers. You can choose your own adventure with our new accessory pouches! It’s up to you if you fill them up with your favorite lip balms or if you use them as a date night clutch. One thing we really love about these is how giftable they areContinue Reading
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Where to Lay Your Pretty Little Head // Personalized Pillows

March 10, 2017

We believe there are two types of pillows in this world. Basic, every day throw pillows that you put on a sofa or a bed and they live up to their name. They are there to be thrown. Then, we believe that there are the second type of pillows. Small yet impactful works of art thatContinue Reading
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Staying In is the New Going Out

May 16, 2016

Ahhh, the at-home bar. So often under-rated, we need to talk about it! We always try and help you think about special touches around your home and how they can honestly bring your entertaining and aesthetic to a new level. How about the at-home bar accessories? So easy to inject into any current set up, andContinue Reading
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