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May 03, 2013


[ credit: Sarah Buck Photography ]

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. We are the busiest we have ever been at EMMA J DESIGN and I am continuing my daily efforts of being a good mom, wife, daughter, designer and friend. Wearing multiple hats every day…all day can take a toll on a person. It’s really hard to be the best at everything so I try to take it day by day and do the best I can THAT day. I am so grateful for the people who help make life happen around me – without them, nothing would be possible. Today, Rhett’s little keeper is here for a day of fun while I get caught up with work. Feeling overwhelmed and sleepy, I’m in the office trying to gather up enough energy to get my creative juices flowing. Maybe I just need to just get all of this out, then I’ll be fresh faced and ready for the day. Working from home with a toddler can be quite challenging. I’m so happy that Rhett is here at home with me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get to be both business owner and mommy all at the same time. Most days, I’m lucky to get about 4 hours of solid work time squeezed in. Considering we have about 30 branding clients and 15 weddings, you can understand the pressure of the daily to-do list. I’m going to keep riding this train as long as it keeps going though – I just LOVE my work and I love my clients. I know it’s possible to do both and I’m determined to make it work. Sometimes I wish I could make a day stand still. Please don’t let this day move any faster, I still want to take Rhett to the park, make a home cooked meal and finish 4 designs today. Well folks, it just doesn’t happen that way. Priorities come into play and in the end, Rhett and my husband are the priority. I have to always remember that the world isn’t going to end if a proof isn’t sent that day. They will be just as excited to receive it tomorrow. That’s just the way it is. There are many companies out there offering the services that I do, but I feel strongly that I offer something truly unique. Something that only I can offer them. I’m a huge believer in God-given talents and I’m certain this is what I was supposed to do with my life. But, I will always wish for time to stand still and the ability to just stop and breath. Take it all in…you will never regret doing so.


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