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"You Will See" Book

You Will Seeis for anyone walking through a hard season, looking for answers and needing healing. In her book, Sarah tells her story of a mystery illness and how losing significant things in her life gave her the opportunity to see God as undeniably real. Discover with Sarah how God uses challenges and disappointments to take us deeper into our faith. And, how paying attention to the way God uniquely speaks to us can embolden our hearts to trust Him in new and radical ways.

Personal note from Emily McCarthy:
Sarah U. Buck is a very dear friend if mine so I hope you take a moment to read her beautiful book. She was a very crucial part in my journey to opening the store, just another true testament to her book. God placed her in my life for many reasons - one being to be a guiding light in such a big decision in my life. I'm humbled it has come full circle to host her book signing and launch at the Shoppe.