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Brand Design & Consulting

Your personal vision is where it all begins. What is the future of your business and brand? It is important to invest the time and effort thinking about this from the ground up. The strongest brands in history stand the test of time and last throughout the ever-changing trends of the market, changes in economic climate, and overall business success. Rather than starting small, why not start big? The first time you hand out your business card is just as important as the hundredth. Often, a first impression is the only chance you’ll get. You obviously want this impression to be meaningful – so start NOW! Begin with your insight and allow me to me help carry it through your business every step of the way.
We will begin our exploration by having an open conversation about your brand, goals, and overall aesthetic. If you are not sure of these details yet, don’t worry. I’ll be your guide, and you can trust me because I’ve done this before! The first step is to gather information and inspirational images of what speaks to you, and what represents your business plan. This will give us a direction on where to go with the preliminary designs of your logo. Once we’ve finalized the logo, that gives us a launching point where we can create a custom design for every single aspect of your brand. Your business cards, printed collateral, social media and marketing materials will share the same, cohesive vision. This beautifully branded repertoire will stand the test of time while you grow and advance in your trade.
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