Beaded Coin Purse - Personalized -

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Beaded Coin Purse - Personalized

Customize this handmade beaded coin purse with your choice of background and monogram color. Features a zip closure. Monogram will be in first, middle, last order in block text as shown, choose from 1-3 letters for personalization. 

Samples shown are Fuchsia with Dark Orange LJM, and White with Shiny Gold EM.

Please note- all iridescent beads have a rainbow sheen to them

Measures approx 5.5" x 3.75" 

Every bag is handmade by master craftsmen using techniques that have been perfected over time. Beads, crystals and pearls are handled with care and precision to shape them into the unique form that marks each purse. These purses are created in a meticulous way with the sole aim to incorporate refinement in every detail and never with a goal of efficiency. A lot of effort is put in to ensure that the bags keep their elegant form for a long time and age gracefully.

Ships in 14-30 business days.

*These items cannot be rushed!