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Family Heirloom Kit

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Elegantly designed, the Hannah Bergen Heirloom Kit holds everything you will need to record and save your family heirloom stories.  We believe when you recall the story, instantly, a connection is made to another person, time and place.  This beautiful 8″ x 10 5/8″ x 1 1/2″ hinged case is covered in lovely, heavy textured Patriot Blue paper.  Custom sections safely protect tags, book, envelopes and accessories.

Each Hannah Bergen Heirloom Kit contains:

-Vellum cover page with helpful hints

-1 Book of Provenance with perforated pages

-10 Provenance Envelopes

-15 Heirloom Tags and 15 archival-quality glassine pouches

-10 Artwork Tags and 10 archival-quality glassine pouches

-10 Heirloom Stickers

-4 yards black 1/4″ Italian cotton ribbon

-1 pair of 4″ scissors

-1 Black Le Pen

-Roll of glue dots