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Wedding Heirloom Kit

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One of life’s greatest gifts is a love story. Beautifully designed, this elegant Hannah Bergen Wedding box holds everything needed to record and preserve wedding memories. Covered in lovely, soft grey textured paper, the 8”x10 ⅝”x1 ½” hinged box with custom sections for archival quality tags, books, pen and more, is a lasting way to create a personal collection of the mementos and stories of a wedding.

Each Hannah Bergen Wedding Kit contains:

-Vellum cover page with helpful hints

-Three notebooks: Journal, Wedding, Guests and Gifts

-Ten Heirloom Tags with archival-quality glassine pouches

-10 Heirloom Stickers

-Grey Italian ¼” cotton ribbon

-One pair gold Stork Scissors

-One dark grey Le Pen

-Three glass vials and tags

-Two Jewelry Bags with Heirloom Tags