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Pop of Color Candle - Ocean Storm

This scented candle is the calm before the storm. Deep, intense yet calming, Ocean Storm takes musky, marine notes and crashes them into the salty, stormy air. A predominately manly scent, this scented candle is an oceanic mixture of salt water, island palm and fresh rain. 

Top note: Ocean Saltwater
Middle Note: fresh cut island palm fronds
Base Notes: Cleansing spring rain

  • 14.5 oz painted glass jar
  • White blended Soy Wax
  • 3 Premium Cotton Wicks
  • Made in America

    Beautiful pure white soy blended wax poured into a calming blue matte painted jar. Each premium cotton three-wick scented candle is paired with a round 14.5oz matte jar and topped with a beautiful copper lid.

    Ships in 2-3 business days.