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The Home Edit Life

The stars of Hello Sunshine'sMastering the Mess and the Netflix seriesGet Organized with The Home Edit, Clea Shearer andJoanna Teplinfounded The Home Edit with the goal of merging conventional organization and interior design. With clients all over the country, they offer both full and virtual services through their website. They have also been featured inPeople, House Beautiful, and Architectural Digest, and on Goop, among other places. They are the authors of theNew York Times bestsellerThe Home Editand live with their families in Nashville, Tennessee.


This book is for both those who love to organize in their free time and those who want  to get organized but feel they just can’t make the time. It’s for the moms who are sick of looking at sippy cups in their cabinets and wish there was more room for champagne glasses. It’s for those of us who go to work, sit at our desks, and continue to wonder how we always end up with so many pens that rarely have ink. It’s for the craft lovers, the beauty product enthusiasts, and the jet-set travelers.

Basically, this book is for everyone. We wanted to create a book that shows you how to live the life you love without feeling bad about the things you own. We wanted to show you that being organized isn’t limited to pantries, closets, and other rooms in your house. It also extends to your hobbies, your travel, and even your phone. Organizing is a lifestyle and mindset that anyone can adopt. Consider this book our 360-degree approach to help you contain the chaos of your life and all the contents that come with it—whatever that may be.