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My favorite cocktail: Paloma Recipe

My favorite cocktail: Paloma Recipe


My favorite cocktail is a year-round love and I have to admit, we've converted quite a few friends to this shared love. The tequila makes it - it has to be reposado - an aged tequila for approximately six months. It tends to have this nutty and vanilla note that blends perfectly with the grapefruit juice. My favorite brand is Sparkle Donkey but any reposado will work!

2 parts Sparkle Donkey Reposado Tequila
1 part Topo Chico (or club soda)
Splash (and I mean SPLASH) of Fresh Grapefruit Juice (I prefer Indian River or Natalie's since it's fresh)
Lime for Garnish
Added pizazz: Rim your glass with tajin spice!