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2024 ins and outs

2024 ins and outs


New fashion trends break loose every single year revitalizing the fashion industry and spreading all over social media like wildfires. Whether it be trends that have made their third comeback so far since the 90s, emerging trends that might just be a little far out of your comfort zone, or trends that have had their moment and just need to see the door. It’s always good to stay in the know when it comes to fashion evolution because let’s be honest, nobody wants to be sporting anything that’s “sooo last year”. With that being said, let’s discuss some fashion ins and outs for the year. 


Ins: Luxe Loungewear 

Outs: Sweats

This has been a trending topic that I’ve seen all over social media from many different fashion accounts. We’re leaving sloppy sweatsuits and oversized hoodies in 2023 for a classier take on lounging that allows us to feel confident and put together even from the couch. The best and easiest way to achieve this look is understanding that a matching set is the way to go every single time. Something about a matching set just really elevates a person’s physical presence no matter the extremity of their bedhead. Below are my picks from the Emily McCarthy Luxe Lounge collection that make me feel a little less guilty for lying around the house all day. If you’re going to lounge, at least look and feel good doing it!

These scuba sets are perfect for pairing with athleisure or can easily be thrown into a more elevated look as well. The fabric is amazing and it keeps me so cozy throughout the day. I paired this set with a pair of mules which really elevated this look, but kept the effort to a minimum, just like a lounge set should be.

This is my favorite knit set in this collection for good reasoning. Not only is this print so fun, but the striped trim is definitely what does it for me. The band of the pant is such a statement and perfect separation from the top and the bottom. I own this set personally and it’s my go-to outfit for when I’m running late, but need to look put together. So yeah, I wear it pretty often.

Ins: the "preppy" style

Outs: the "grungy" style

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a victim of the grungy style trend where oversized jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, and jeans ruled my wardrobe. It took me a few oversized graphic sweatshirts from Urban Outfitters and a little growing up to understand that baggy clothing is not the way to go, nor the way to look “chic”. Fortunately, this is another trend we are leaving in 2023 because clothing that actually fits and compliments your figure is the obvious winner. I have been loving the sophisticated & preppy style looks featuring pieces like tailored blazers, pleated midi skirts, popped collars, and all the belted/cinched waist dresses that flatter every figure. If you shop Emily McCarthy, you know the preppy style is our specialty which is why choosing only 2 favorite looks to share with you guys was very difficult. 

My go-to addition piece to achieve the preppy look is definitely the sweater tied shoulder trend! I think a sweater or cardigan layered around the shoulder adds such sophistication to any outfit, but I absolutely love it paired with a classic Oxford Top, Carmen Skirt, and black boot. I think this look portrays a very timeless southern chic style that is fit for all ages. 

Finding a classic piece to layer with is an easy way to achieve this sophisticated style. Utilizing the white Oxford Top again, I’ve paired it underneath the Del Mar Dress in Winter Pop Tweed. This look is the ideal embodiment of sophisticated fashion in my opinion. Tweed fabric has always made me think of high end fashion and I’m not sure if that has everything to do with my obsession with Gossip Girl or not. For an added Blair Waldorf flair, you can definitely bring in the matching tweed headband.

Ins: textured fabrics

Outs: flat minimal fabrics

Don’t get me wrong if you’re a lover of minimalist fashion! No matter the colorway or print direction, adding textured fabrics and details like pleating, tweeds, quilting, etc. are just great qualities to add some dimension. I’m a huge fan of monochromatic looks, and having textured fabric makes the outfit look a lot less boring and more elevated in style.

The Rowan Dress in Black is a great example of this. The full coverage pleated detail adds such flattering dimension to replace the absence of color and give a more unique approach on a black dress. However, the ruffled collar, puff sleeves, and gold embellished buttons definitely play a major role in the beauty of this dress as well!

Now for a multi textured look, the Chloe Skirt paired with the Ava Jacket in the multicolored tweed fabric is the ultimate pairing. These two pieces together is definitely a look that checks all the boxes when it comes to sporting textured fabrics. Pleats, tweed, and organza please! Bright or dull in color, this look is definitely recognized for its compilation of texture and dimension. 

2024 is the year of elegant, sophisticated, and dimensional fashion!